FXR Racing to sponsor our last MX race

The gear that's seen on some of the fastest racers in New England has sent us a load of swag to give away at the last NESC race of the year. Check out all their stuff at FXR Racing

Open practice Saturday October 27 has been cancelled

We're trying to keep the track fresh for Sunday's NESC season finale. We'll have some more open practices this fall weather permitting so you'll have more chances to ride.

NESC's last race of 2018 October 28

We'll wrap up the '18 NESC season with a race sponsored by FXR. This race is always a big one, everyone's welcome to ride or watch. One day memberships available.

J-Day G.P. November 4

Part woods, part motocross and part extreme, the J-Day series bring out one of the biggest crowds of the year, come to race or come to watch our last event of the year.

Save on Kubotas at MB Tractor

Are you a contractor or excavation company owner? Then you know just how good Kubotas are. We love ours at The Wick! Now you can save on some of their most popular models at MB Tractor and Equipment

Kawasaki, the official side by side of The Wick 338

We love our new Kawasaki six passenger Mule, it hauls people, tools and equipment all day long, all over the sands of The Wick 338 without ever missing a beat.